Monat: August 2002

  • XXX

    just saw xxx (the movie! do not think of nasty things … no! it’s an action-movie … don’t!). a very nice movie, veeeeery. going to see this one in the cinema soon. or later? later, because it’s not going big screen before 17th october here in germany :-( aber wurscht … hoffentlich schädigt das internet…

  • Star Trek vs. Stargate

    „how can you call yourself a scientist if you do not worship at the altair of roddenberry“ – recently said on stargate sg-1 (season 6) by the same actor who plays the alien-doctor in ‚the enterprise‘ (dr. fluxx, i believe) *smile*

  • Stille

    längere zeit stille. im moment passiert nicht gerade sonderlich viel.