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The Day After Tomorrow – Review

Because I have seen this movie in its original version, i’ll try to write this review in english :wink:

The Day After Tomorrow is some sort of disaster movie. Much like those movies that appeared in tv in the 1990’s. It shows us how earth could become a snowball in days. Yes, days! That is not the only unrealistic part of this movie. The statue of liberty, for example, seems to be build to last. Three Hurricanes covering the whole planet. Fuel shock-freezing when the temperature suddenly drops below 60 degrees celsius, causing helicopters to drop from the skies. Well it’s all for the effects and that is fine (when did a totally realistic movie became a blockbuster ever?).

Speaking of which … the effects are awesome. The cinema I went to see this movie wasn’t exactly supporting this … well, actually it did … the air condition failed or they had non at all … local warming in a movie about global warming that results into an ice age. Nice special effect :cool: The rest of the movie is about a father trying to save his son, a boy who loves a girl, an uber-nerd, two librarians fighting over which book they should burn to stay warm and alive, dozens of people dying and an american president who apologizes for global warming and thanks the „third world nations“ for the warm welcome :roll:

I give this movie 4 out of 5 stars for entertaining me very well. It might have got 4,5 stars if the photons hitting my eyes were reflected by a much bigger screen e.g. IMAX-like size :twisted:

On the day after yesterday which is the day of today i am going to see another sneak preview … i hope somebody joins me for i do not want to see a movie alone again

Good night, good fight!

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The Day before after Tomorrow
ist heute oder?
…jedenfalls fÀllt Sneak heute fÃŒr mich aus. :( Sorry, Rosanna… Nachdem der Sebbi ja nicht bei mir joinen will *schnief* Aber ich bin da heute leider etwas eingespannt. Werde kurz mal (gegen 16 Uhr) ins Schwimmbad schauen und dann…

Also du meinst yesterday? :) Das war ne Spontanaktion, weil die Naida eigentlich nur mit mir ins Kino gehen wollte, ichs aber mitm Sebbi über diesen Film hatte… Merks mir für die Zukunft. *schäm* Schreibs dann gleich in den Mailverteiler. Hättet ihr aber dann innerhalb von 10 min drauf antworten müssen… (sehr knapp)

BTW: Sebbi kannst du unten in der Input-Box bitte ne andere Schriftart einstellen. Ist aufm Mac die Hölle!!! Viel zu enger Buchstabenabstand!!! Obwohl: Eng ist gut *harr*

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