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Crank 2 – Review

Crank 2 … der abgedrehteste Film EVAR! WTF!

Das momentan auf IMDB stehende Review trifft es eigentlich ziemlich genau:

This is without a doubt one of the most insane films I have ever seen. I loved the first film and have been looking forward to the sequel. This one blows the mad-o-meter off the chart. I read on here somewhere Jason Statham was quoted saying something like…. „You ain’t ever gonna get an Academy Award for doing Crank“ Well I beg to differ; I think an award category should be created for making a film like this. It has similarities to the first film of course but that’s what makes this film so enjoyable. Jason is superb as Chev Chelios again and had me laughing my ass off with his cockney slang and his superb stunts. One thing I will say, I took my wife with me to see this and all the way through the film she had that „Could this get anymore ridiculous“ look on her face. Meanwhile I couldn’t stop laughing at the fact that the more outrageous this film got, the more I found myself loving it. You know when they say „A roller-coaster ride of a movie“. Well on this roller-coaster ride you ain’t strapped into your seat, it has dozens of loops and it’s faster than anything you have ridden in your life. You need to see this film. In fact scrub that, I will say this…Crank 2 falls into the „Things to do before you die“ category. Go and see this now.

Fucking go and see this now! Einen schnelleren, verrückteren Film werdet ihr nicht so bald wieder sehen. Ganzkörper Tourette!? WTF?! Godzillakämpfe? Vögeln auf der Rennbahn? Untertiteloverkill! Die absolut passende Kameraführung! Es war ein Erlebnis. Ein Männerfilm! ;-)

10 von 10 Punkten! Und es scheint zu stimmen, dass niemand das Drehbuch vorher gelesen hat. Laut Making Of haben die Autoren dort jede Menge Schmarrn reingeschrieben und es kam unkorrigiert zurück. Einiges davon haben sie ganz offensichtlich dann doch gefilmt. Unbelievable holy fuck!