Annoying new Firefox 2.0 Tabs

If anybody knows a way to make the close button for the tabs in Firefox 2.0 work like in 1.x versions (always on the right, closing the currently active tab), please let me know! It is really annoying to click on this place and not close the active tab, but the most recently opened tab. Grrrr!

Or is this a theme thing? Please free me/us from this confusing UI decision!

P.S.: In English for a greater reach in the blogosphere (also as an experiment if English posts of German bloggers get noticed internationally) …

As Jausa first pointed out in the comments, changing the behaviour back to „normal“ is a very simple task. I’m quoting a.Chinese’s answer though:

Change browser.tabs.closeButtons to the value you wish.

0 – Display close button only on the active tab
1 – Display close buttons on every tabs
2 – Never display close buttons
3 – Display single close button at the end of the tab strip (This is the old, default Firefox 1.5 behavior)

Thank you! And to those of you using the per tab close button, pressing the third (middle) mouse button on a tab does the same job. So, dear Firefox-Team, don’t ever change a perfectly working UI for some lazy (maybe blind?) asses again, please! :twisted: