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In den Kommentaren eines Artikels über Sex auf Ausflügen ins All:

Is it me, or is asking /. for advice on sex like asking a fish for advice on traversing a desert?…

Und die Antwort darauf …

Not many fish are going to have spent half their life watching videos of deserts…

Fun Nur mal so

Letztens auf Slashdot

Es geht darum, dass Matt Damon nun Captain Kirk im neuen Star Trek Film spielen soll.

Kommentar 1:

I just read a few weeks ago about Damon being discussed as Kirk for JMS’s now-gone Star Trek project. I thought it sounded like a good idea, and (for better or worse) the Shat himself approved of the choice.

Now they need to sign Gary Sinise as McCoy. Hopefully, they can keep Affleck out. He has the superficial look and the emotionless demeanor necessary for Spock, but brings nothing else.

Kommentar 2:

If you’re looking for a nice solid wood Spock, there is only The One choice: Keanu.

Affleck has nothing on Little Buddha.

Antwort auf Nr. 2:

I think Keanu lacks the personality and range of emotion required for the Spock role…

Ich kann nicht mehr vor Lachen :rofl: