To all „get milk or die“ googleusers …

… you most likely came here because you entered that very search phrase into your favourite image-searchengine. And because the original picture of the mad clown is no longer available at the site where google tries to point you, I decided to host one version of my own. (no more 404 errors … jippie!!!)

You can also get this picture from here or here. Have a nice day and don’t forget drinking you milk :twisted:

11 Antworten auf „To all „get milk or die“ googleusers …“


Ich habe in diesem Monat bereits 1439 Besuche, die alle auf eine nicht mehr vorhandene Seite gingen … ich bin nur nett zu den suchenden und liefere ihnen, was sie gesucht haben und ursprünglich mal dort zu finden war …

This is the scariest thing we have ever seen in our entire lives we are never eating McDonalds ever again as long as we live F U all

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