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Unknown life form?

Hmm … Cloverfield 2? Monster Inc. 2? … oder gar echt? Was lebt da in der Kanalisation?! Brrrr!

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Das sind echte Viecher!


Thanks for the video – I had not see it before. No, these are not bryozoans! They are clumps of annelid worms, almost certainly tubificids (Naididae, probably genus Tubifex). Normally these occur in soil and sediment, especially at the bottom and edges of polluted streams. In the photo they have apparently entered a pipeline somehow, and in the absence of soil they are coiling around each other. The contractions you see are the result of a single worm contracting and then stimulating all the others to do the same almost simultaneously, so it looks like a single big muscle contracting. Interesting video.

Immer noch brrrr!

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