Spam Karma 2 Akismet Plugin

I have updated the Spam Karma 2 Akismet Plugin that was released as BETA some months ago. I don’t want to be like all those hip web 2.0 permanent betas, so we leave this state for now. I bumped the version number of this small plugin to 2.0 and made some modifications:

  • fixed a logic error which prevented the plugin to submit some corrections to Akismet.com
  • changed some strings and default values (now checks against Akismet.com more often to give that service more to eat)
  • there is now a little readme in the php-file
  • fsockopen could produce php warnings which revealed the wordpress.com api key which was fixed, too

The location of the plugin is the same as before: sk2_akismet_plugin.zip

Make sure you have an installed Spam Karma 2.x, download the zipfile, unzip it to your wp-content/plugins/SK2/sk2_plugins directory and enter your WordPress.com Api Key (now available for free if you sign up there and I should get money for referring people there *g*) in the Spam Karma 2 settings. Finished! Nothing more to do for you :-)
If you are upgrading, you only need to copy the sk2_akismet_plugin.php from the zip over your old one.

Have a spamless blog and a good time!

P.S.: Bug reports go into the comment section. Thanks!

P.P.S.: 156 downloads of the beta in the last 3 months. Thanks!

Version 2.1 now features the display of its own version and I have recorded 640 downloads so far :-)

164 Antworten auf „Spam Karma 2 Akismet Plugin“

Thanks Ajay (fixed that apostrophe error). The plugin checks the comment against Akismet after SK2 calculated the karma. You can change that behaviour by assigning different values to the „register_plugin“ function call at the bottom of the php file, but the default (executed as the last plugin) should be ok for everyone.

Kampf dem Kommentarspam…

Nachdem ich im Kampf gegen den Kommentarspam vor einigen Monaten Spam Karma 2 installiert hatte, konnte ich wieder beruhigt schlafen. Das Plugin arbeitete äusserst zuverlässig, erkannte Spam praktisch immer oder schob den Kommentar bei der geringste…

[…] Since there is an Akismet plug-in for SK2 now, I would really like to return to Spam Karma and have the best of both worlds. But unfortunately, SK2 still conflicts with the AJAX commenter from the K2 theme. Until this issue remains unresolved, I will stay with Akismet only for spam protection. […]

[…] So, I’m going back to Spam Karma 2. It rocks hard, and is intelligent enough to block spam and approve ham without intervention. It even has an Akismet plugin for SK2 to let me harness the Hive as a last resort. But even that limited role of Akismet has proven to be the only weak link in SK2’s otherwise impervious armour, so I’ve downgraded Akismet’s influence from “normal” to “moderate.” […]

[…] Ein zusätzliches Feature für Spam Karma 2 ist Akismet, das alle Kommentare/Trackbacks zusätzlich über den Akismet-Server prüft. Zur Installation benötigt man Spam Karma 2, das Akismet-Plugin und einen API-Key von wordpress.com. Diesen API-Schlüssel erhält man, wenn man sich bei wordpress.com registriert. Den API-Key findet man dann unter Users/Profil. Man trägt ihn anschließend nur noch in den Spam Karma-Einstellungen des eigenen Blogs ein und schon kann es losgehen. […]

Habe jetzt das SK2 Askimet Plugin auch installiert, nachdem mir heute ein spambot durch SK2 gerutscht ist.

Komischerweise funktionierte der Trackback nicht. Im Spamfilter haengengeblieben?

[…] Die Spam Bots haben mich auf ihre Liste gesetzt, also muss was unternommen werden. Heute hatte ich nach löschen der 20 Spamkommentare einfach keine Lust mehr das per Hand zu machen. Zumal es ja kaum möglich ist 24/7 vor dem Blog zu sitzten, die Bots schlafen ja nicht weder die von Suchmaschinen noch die Spamer. Also die Lösung muss her die ich schon seit geraumer Zeit im Auge habe. Spam Karma 2.2 mit Akismet Plugin hat sich wohl als Optimal erwiesen. […]

Great work! I recently noticed that some spam gets through the „bare“ SK2 plugin. I hope the last remaining few commentspams get caught by this addition !

BTW: Nice theme. ;-)

[…] Eigentlich merkt man dank passender Plugins ja nichts davon, aber man liest es bei anderen Blogs in den letzten Tagen häufiger: die Blogosphäre leidet unter einer massiven Spamwelle. Der Spam Zeitgeist von Akismet macht es deutlich. Ver-x-fachung des Spamaufkommens in den letzten Tagen und Wochen. Der Spamreport meines Tools (Spam Karma 2 mit Akismet Plugin) spuckt allerdings auch ziemlich hohe Zahlen für die letzten Tage aus: […]

[…] Sin embargo, el spam enviado mediante trackbacks sigue llegando, aunque no se publiquen los comentarios basura. Por eso he decidido prescindir de Captcha! (que obliga a los usuarios a pasar por el incómodo expediente de leer unas letras distorsionadas sobre un fondo de poco contraste) y del Trackback Validator y poner de nuevo en funcionamiento el Spam Karma 2, que es muy completo y extraordinariamente configurable. Crea varias tablas en la base de datos, pero, bueno, ése es un coste que de momento estoy dispuesto a pagar. Por si acaso, he añadido además un nuevo complemento, el Spam Karma 2 Akismet Plugin, que permite que ambas soluciones anti-spam funciones juntas y en buena armonía. […]

[…] Dank dem Hinweis von Stefan bin ich auf eine Erweiterung für Spam Karma 2 gestoßen: Das Plugin “Spam Karma 2 Akismet Plugin” wird einfach in das SK2 Plugin Verzeichnis kopiert und übernimmt die kompletten Arbeiten vom üblichen Akismet Plugin für WordPress. Das ist sehr praktisch und hilfreich und scheint auch ein wenig den Server zu schonen. Ich wußte gar nicht, dass soetwas für SK2 im Einsatz ist. Daher also wie immer – Fight the Spam! Keywords/Tags: Spam, SpamKarma2, WordPress, WP Plugin […]

[…] Spam Karma 2 Ultimate Spam Killer for WordPress. Spam Karma dürfte wohl zur Zeit der “Mercedes” unter den Spam-Filtern sein. Wer zusätzlich auf den “zentralen” Filter von Akismet setzen möchte, kann dies entweder mit dem eigenständigen Plugin “Akismet” (akismet.com) tun oder – wie wir – auf das Spam Karma-Plugin “Akismet” setzen (www.sebbi.de). […]

I use WordPress on my hosted account. I just unstalled SK2 and uploaded sk2_akismet_plugin.php to the proper directory. I do not see SK2-Askimet on the plugin screen. Is it just working automatically?

Thanks. I finally figured out how to get the API key, from a WordPress.com blog.

I noticed that SK2 is available under both the Manage tab and the Options tab. I use WordPress v.2.0.2


Hello sygyzy, no you aren’t. This plugin here is a complete implementation (you may say copy) of the original plugin. The wordpress plugin api doesn’t allow for multiple plugins to classify a comment … only the last one that sees the comment decides if it’s spam or ham. Therefor this „copy“ of the original was neccessary :-)

Sebbi – Just for clarification’s sake. I upload your plugin and activate it. When I go to the plugin page in WP, I also see the Akismet plugin. I leave that deactivated. In the Spam Karma 2 options, under the plugins section, I enter my WordPress API key. That’s it?

How do I know it’s „working“?

I’ve found what I think might be a bug. If I look in the approve comments section, the latest entry is clearly a SPAM trackback. So I check the box and have it run through Akismet. The red status text says „Submitted to Akismet as ham. Akismet say it’s SPAM.“ After it reports that, nothing happens. It still just leaves it in the approved state.

1. How did it get to the approved state in the first place?
2. Barring that, how come after Akismet says it’s spam, it doesn’t get moved to moderated or the spam section?

sygyzy, yes that’s it. You know it’s working when you hover over the karma points of a comment and you see „Akismet says it’s ok/spam“. Not all comments (those already having a pretty hight negative karma) get send to Akismet for classification, so it may not appear everywhere.

The bug: it’s not a bug, it’s a feature. Running the Akismet check over a comment again only adds/subtracts the karma points of this check (default: 7). This may not be enough to turn the comment into spam. If you want to do that you have to click on „moderate selected“. SK2 automatically moves the marked comments to the spam section and sends a notification to Akismet that it was wrong about the comment.

@1. You can see the reasons for the karma value if you hover (mouse over) over the points.
@2. If other modules of SK2 decided it’s ham and gave the comment enough points, Akismets default -7 points (saying it’s spam) might not be enough. I implemented it this way because Akismet isn’t always the better choise (SK2 alone is very good in the spam fight). If you feel the Akismet check should have more to say, update its strength (general setting) to strong or supastrong :-)

Sebbi – You are correct on all fronts. I verified it is working. Also, I found out why my spam trackbacks and comments were still marked as valid. They all came from repeat offenders and apparently due to the Snowball Effect (granularity), this awards the commetner with like 500 points. There is nothing in the world that could cancel that out!

The „Snowball Effect“ is indeed a problem if the first spam comment was identified as ham. While it never happened on my blog I imagine deleting hundreds of false-positives wouldn’t be a lot of fun. However the author of SK2 wrote something about bayesian filters and neural nets for the next version in a news update. I’m looking forward to that (in hopes it further hinders those nasty spamers out there) :-)

Okay, I do have one small request. Could you please add the line in so the plugin tells us what version it is? I believe you do it by adding a line like this in the variables:

var $plugin_version = 2.1;


Thank you for the request. I modified the plugin that it shows its version.

Lately I discovered an annoying bug: SK2 does not seem to be able to recover or moderate multiple comments at once. I don’t know if my plugin causes this or if it’s a general problem of the newest SK2-release.

The version display doesn’t quite work. Try this:

var $plugin_version = 2.1;
var $show_version = true;

Note that it’s „$plugin_version“ not „$version“.

With these two lines in there, the Spam Karma 2 options page will show the version of your plugin, which is awfully handy when we’re checking for updates! :-)

Still awesome. Much cleaner than using a whole separate WP plugin for Akismet. Thanks.

Oops, something went wrong with the zipfile (two versions were packed together). I hope that I got it right this time.

Thank you for reporting it … again :-)

Spam Karma 2 Askimet Plugin…

I have just installed the SK2 Askimet Plugin as I have read here respectively here that there exists a new generation of spambots which will defeat the standard protection by Spam Karma 2.
I can confirm this as I had one spam trackback in my blog this …

[…] Obwohl Spam-Versuche der gleichen Machart auch in diesem Blog regelmssig aufschlagen, habe ich hier praktisch keine Probleme. Dies deutet wohl daraufhin, dass Spam Karma 2 (hier zusammen mit dem Spam Karma 2 Akismet Plugin in Betrieb) doch sehr zuverlssig ist. Hingegen hat Akismet als “stand-alone” Spamschutz offenbar immer noch einige Probleme, Spam relativ zuverlssig zu unterbinden. […]

[…] Saturday was an interesting day and several things happened. One of them was not so good and I won't go into details on this blog. However, a pact was established that I feel good about living up to. In better news, I did make it to the Starbucks shop and got myself a tall decaffeinated coffee with Half & Half. I did a little bit of reading and then, got bored and left. Right now, Spam Karma 2 has stopped 457 spam comments with an average karma of -455.18. It has approved a total of 72 comments with an average karma of 9.89. And about 95% of 11 moderated comments have turned out to be spam. The common thread between these moderated spam comments was the relatively low karma of being in the range of -2 to -10. Still, it's doing a pretty good job of protecting my little old blog and I, for one, will be eternally grateful to Dr. Dave from Unknown Genius. I used to be an Akismet user, but it does haven't the feel of total control that SK2 lets me have. However, I've done some internet trolling and discovered that a Spam Karma 2 plugin to utilize Akismet has been created. Neato. I am uploading the plugin to test it out and let's hope I can find my WordPress API key. If not, I'll just have to log into my WordPress.com account. […]

Maybe Im missing something but…
Should I be keeping the WordPress Akismet plugin active at the same time I have Spam Karma (with your plugin) active? Or should the Akismet plugin be de-activated?

Hi Dave and thanks for asking!
The original Akismet plugin (shipped with WordPress) is not needed and it should not be activated next to an active Spam Karma installation.

The reason i wrote this SK-plugin was because you can not have multiple cooperating spam plugins in WordPress. This SK-plugin is escentially the original Akismet plugin rewritten to work with Spam Karma, because Spam Karma has an interface for other spam fighting mechanisms.

[…] My third line of defense is what I believe really puts this method over the top. Anyone who has used WordPress has probably heard of Akismet, especially as it comes included with the most recent version of WordPress. Normally it runs as its own WordPress plugin, but I use it as just one of the many tests within Spam Karma, which I believe is more effective — the combination of the two is greater than the sum of them separately. That plugin for Spam Karma (not WordPress) is available at http://www.sebbi.de/. […]

[…] Ha a problémámat megoldani nem is tudom, a kifogásolt szűrőn tudok javítani. Spam Karma 2 Akismet Plugin, az Akismet által tévesen spamnek ítélt kommentek nem spam státuszáról értesíti a szolgáltatást, hadd okosodjon. (Egyébként szűrne is, de annyira azért nem bízom benne.) Címkék:  gépház, plugin, spam, wordpress […]

Yupp, you are right. :) So I don’t need the „legacy“ akismet-plugin anymore when I have installed this version? The „problem“ here is: akismet overrules all decisions made by the battery of sk2-plugins. :(

SK2 even is not learning when akismet is enabled. And is it possible to re-add the „Recent Spam Harvest“ to the dashboard? (e.g. a link to YOUR_URL/wp-admin/options-general.php?page=spamkarma2&sk2_section=spam

Then I just need to check-out the dashboard. :) Btw: If you don’t know the right „hook“ to use, try this:

add_action(‚activity_box_end‘, ’sk2_admin_stats‘);

Surely you need to code this function (not class method!)

Well, ich komme aus Deutschland, tippe aber lieber in Englisch meine Fragen, damit andere auch was verstehen! ;)

Hello Quix0r,

I believe such a function (showing up on the dashboard) should and probably can only be handled by Spam Karma itself. But development of SK has essentially been halted for the last few months … maybe Dr Dave has lost interest in this or he thinks it’s good enough (it really is!!!) for the time being, I don’t know :-)

Hmmm, I have a „legacy“ (WordPress-native) anti-spam plugin here which targets on the POST request URI itself. They are up to 99.9999% like this: „POST /wp-comments-post.php“ I asume here you have no sub-folders.

My plugins inserts with a ProtoType (so JavaScript) observer an unique string into it, e.g. „wp-comments-post-xxxxxxxxxx.php“. After the POST request mod_rewrite rewrites it back to „wp-comments-post.php?cpr_code=xxxxxxxxxx by xxxxxxxxxx is „server-unique data“.

Well, this might be a usefull plugin. So is there a tutorial or something where I can start with to code a „binding“ to my legacy plugin? So when my plugin runs in SK2-mode it shall not run again in „legacy-mode“…

I might not really understand what you want to do, but if you are trying to write a „plugin“ for Spam Karma, please refer to the documentation (including sample code) shipped with Spam Karma.

Nice idea, btw. I think somebody has already brought that up on the wp-hackers list. Was that you?

[…] Kebetulan teman saya tersebut menanyakan hal ini, akhirnya saya tergugah untuk mengganti plugins penangkal spam saya. Saya mencopot captcha dan kini menggunakan Spam Karma 2 yang dipadu dengan Spam Karma 2 Akismet. Yang terakhir saya sebutkan ini adalah tambahan file yang disisipkan di plugins Spam Karma 2 untuk men-tune lebih dalam kemampuan Spam Karma 2 dengan bantuan Akismet. […]

I abandoned Akismet a while ago since this script returns quite alot of false positive for me. Akismet is a decent service but it’s surely hard to prevent data poisoning (I bet that’s on the move right now) and a DoS attack.

Hello christina,

yep … I have disabled the plugin in my installation, too. Akismet was the cause too many spams came through Spam Karmas checks. Sad, but true.

What do you mean by DoS attack? Trough Akismet or against Akismet?

Just thought I’d let you know that from time to time, my API key deletes itself. My guess is that every once in a while, the Akismet servers get an error and falsely reports that my key is invalid. This makes your plugin delete my saved key.

I’ve edited your plugin for my own uses (to make it not remove my key on error), but I still thought I’d let you know. :)

Thanks for the heads up. I also thought if it would be more elegant to only check the validity of the key when it changed (like the regular Akismet plugin does) and not on every view of the adminpage.

P.S.: my API key deleted itself on the recent DNS outage of Akismet, but never before …

[…] Hace unos días que los usuarios de WordPress hemos visto como ha subido considerablemente la cantidad de spam. Esto se debió a una falla en el servicio de Askimet, para quienes no saben Askimet es un sistema al que, mediante un plugin, cada vez que se realiza un comentario en el blog, el mismo se envía a ese sistema para ser analizado. Los análisis se hacen con diversos test (blacklist de spammers, cantidad de links, etc.) y si un comentario es identificado como spam se guarda en la base de datos por 15 días para que el usuario decida si es o no spam y si el usuario no realiza ninguna acción se elimina. Lo bueno de este sistema es que todos los análisis se realizan en otro servidor, que es el de Askimet con lo cual nuestos sistemas se ven mas libres para operar agilizando la navegación, lo malo es que si el sistema de Askimet se cae quedamos totalmente desprotegidos, como nos pasó a más de uno entre el domingo y lunes pasados. Sabiendo esto es que muchos de nosotros ponemos sistemas antispam adicionales, como esa suma que había debajo de mis formularios de comentarios (y que a muchos les trajo varios dolores de cabeza), la caída de Askimet nos sirvió para testear el funcionamiento de esta segunda muralla de defensa contra el spam en WP. Particularmente los resultados fueron desastrosos, la suma ess a veces no dejaba comentar a usuarios reales y dejaba pasar bastante spam (que bloqueaba Askimet), por ello es que decidí sacar ese plugin. En lugar de eso instalé como segunda medida el "Spam Karma 2" que es un "miniaskimet" en nuestro propio hosting, lo conocí a través de Mangas Verdes (que dicho sea de paso tuvo el mismo problema mío pero elevado a la 20 por la cantidad de visitas de ese blog). El plugin es muy configurable en el grado de dureza del análisis, realiza varios test parecidos a los de Askimet e inclusive tiene un plugin adicional que permite compatibilizar Askimet con SK2, con lo cual uno se evita de tener que bajar Askimet e instalarlo. Para utilizar Askimet necesitan una clave API que se obtiene registrandose gratuitamente en Word Press, como para muchos la clave API es una barrera para usar Askimet en la lucha contra el spam les dejo aquí un link en donde se explica la manera de obtener esta clave.Bueno ya saben, no mas romperse la cabeza con numeritos, vamos a ver como funciona SK2. […]

[…] Irgendwo auf dieser Welt sitzen irgenwelche Spinner, die meinen, sie müssten sinnlose Kommentare in jedes Blog schreiben, auf das sie stoßen. Für WordPress existieren viele wirksame Schutzmechanismen gegen Trackback- und Kommentarspam. Unverzichtbar ist aus meiner Sicht das Plugin Spam Karma in Verbindung mit der Akismet-Erweiterung. Wer diese Werkzeuge in der aktuellsten Version auf seinem WordPress-Blog einsetzt, für den ist Spam kein besonders großes Problem mehr. […]

[…] 今天在Akismet网站看到一个Spam Karma 2 Akismet Plugin。这是一个SK2的子插件,根据Akismet的返回值对karma值进行修正。这个插件的功能挺全的,它也是通过Akismet服务器返回的"true"或"false"来增减karma值,并在SK2最后计算完karma值之后,如果得到的结果与Akismet服务器返回的结果不符的话,插件会自动通知Akismet服务器。另外,使用这个插件和使用Wordpress的Akismet插件一样,你需要一个Wordpress API。(下面的图片盗链自作者的blog) […]

[…] June 22, 2008 in Nikon D40x Thank you to everybody who commented in my last post! Apparently this is the right combo for fine-combing the riff-raff out while keeping the legits in. So, I highly, highly recommend this to any WordPress user! It’s called Spam Karma 2 Akismet Plugin. […]

[…] grado de dureza del análisis, realiza varios test parecidos a los de Askimet e inclusive tiene un plugin adicional que permite compatibilizar Askimet con SK2, con lo cual uno se evita de tener que bajar Askimet e instalarlo. Para utilizar Askimet necesitan […]

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Evie28 :

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blabla, and I advise you not to spam my blog … thx.

Great plug in! It has met my every need in terms of a spam checker. It has reduced the amount of spam i receive in my other blogs significantly!

I can’t wait for the next update of this plug in. I can only think this can go from strength to strength in its development.

I will certainly be bookmarking this and forwarding it on to friends and co-workers to see about using this plug in when they next think about writing a blog.

Great information and a great post. Thanks for sharing.

Top work on the new plugins – One of the fundamental flaws initially was how frequently everything was cross-checked with askimet.com – it’s great to see that you have improved this.

Some really good stuff, is it possible to talk more through hotmail or gtalk? add me on Gtalk, you have my email on form.



Thanks Sebbi for allowing my post to stand. My post was never intended as spam as i genuinely do use the Akismet plug-in and was glad to find a blog which was talking about the experiences other users had.

I felt it best to post about my experience using Akismet for other potential users of this plug-in to see.

Thanks again.

This sounds like a great plugin bringing the best of Akismet and Spam Karma 2. Like most wordpress users I’d been using Akismet to filter out spam comments and was thinking of switching to Spam Karma when I came across ur post. Guess what I’m going to install now instead? ;)

Thanks a lot!

Spam Karma 2 Akismet Plugin is great.I really want to install it thanks for developed these types of plugins…..:)

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